In May 2018, Caribbean Park was awarded Best Business Park by the Property Council of Australia. Caribbean Park is a micro city, providing close to 50,000sqm of A Grade office, surrounded by natural and landscaped parklands. With stage 1 and 2 complete, stage 3 will deliver another 16,000sqm to the bustling precinct, complete in June 2019.

Situated 25 minutes from the CBD, Caribbean Park is the only private land to have direct access to the Eastlink which provides all tenants and visitors with seamless access.

So, what is it that’s made this business precinct so successful?

In this instance, it’s a combination of several elements which have led to Caribbean Park’s prestigious title.

  1. The Community

A word which is sometimes overused could not be more relevant to Caribbean Park. The consideration, intricacies and integrity in what has been created is unparalleled, and pivotal to the quality of the office and amenity.

Caribbean Park has been conceptualised, built and is now managed by the Spooner family. A well-known Melbourne legacy, the Spooner family have curated this dynamic community with their passionate team.

Because the park is family owned, every decision is personal, everything is optimised and enhanced to create the best workplace possible. There is an active staff portal, as well as frequent events, allowing tenants to completely leverage its inclusive and productive culture.

Caribbean Park Director, Ben Spooner said, “Caribbean Park is a truly visionary business community unlike any other. Our difference is our level of passion, dedications and care.”

The management team is proactive and hands on, constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve the park’s methodology, always striving for the ‘new new’ and never settling for what they have.

  1. Design

Considered design has contributed to a fantastic sense of Place at Caribbean Park. Surrounded by parks, landscaped greenery and trees have been a priority in the master plan, offering unparalleled green space for tenant health and wellbeing. Between the existing buildings are stunning courtyards and multipurpose outdoor spaces to provide flexible working options and positive environments.

The buildings themselves are of the highest quality, providing the most premium business destination in Metropolitan Melbourne and now the largest office precinct outside of the CBD.

Caribbean Park Director, Ben Spooner said, “Our Capacity and capability to deliver is unmatched as we design, develop, fund, build and manage.”

  1. Lifestyle

It’s been proven that proximity to green space increases productivity and enhances relaxation, aligning perfectly with a healthy work-life balance. This insight continues to influence the Placemaking strategy and planning of Caribbean Park.

Positioned amongst natural parklands, the combination of greenery, landscaped outdoor workspaces and an onsite gym are pivotal to the lifestyle enjoyed by tenants.

Walking tracks provide a fantastic and healthy lunchtime activity, while wifi enabled courtyards and outdoor tables offer a tranquil outdoor workstation.

There will be 2.5 acres of landscaped garden in stage 3 of the park, ensuring all tenants have access to a flexible outdoor working environment.


With all of these incredible benefits, it’s no surprise that Caribbean Park is the Best Business Park in Australia. To elevate your business and enquire about upcoming availability, contact the listed agents today.