Maintaining an Active Community


Melbourne businesses tend to move from address to address throughout their lifespan, responding to shifting environments and market landscape. One address, 120 Collins Street has managed to stay ahead of the curve in tenant retention and engagement. Investa has worked hard to create a community style workplace, which includes regular tenant initiatives and events to maintain an active and inclusive offering.

Tenant engagement

Tenant engagement is implemented via two teams at 120 Collins Street: building management and customer service. The combination of these two teams ensure both proactive and reactive tenant services and facilities.

120 Collins Street initiatives revolve around function and fun – offering many day-to-day services including face-to-face concierge, dry cleaning and coffee delivery. The more social and community-oriented activities include Ride-to-Work day breakfast, pop-up sports viewing lounge for major events, Christmas functions and quarterly community drinks in the expansive foyer.

Many tenants leverage these opportunities to network within the Premium building.

Another tenant resource which is extremely active is the tenant portal, used as dual communication for tenants and management. The portal is optimised for peak user experience and interaction, with the ability to book services and events in addition to allowing all tenants to place orders for catering, lunch and coffee via the 120 Collins online store.

Enhancing the physical space

120 Collins Street has remained a consistent presence as the most prominent east-end Premium business destination. Remaining open minded and proactive in their investments and building upgrades, 120 Collins Street seeks opportunities to optimise and improve the occupier experience.

The owners have invested over $28 million in the last 3 years on Base Building Upgrades to this asset, including:

  • Full lift upgrade, involving a complex mechanical and aesthetic upgrade of all 25 lifts in the building.
  • Replacement of Base Building Cooling Towers and Chillers, to increase system efficiencies and reduce redundancies. This has resulted in energy savings.
  • Significant external façade upgrade currently ongoing – the building’s façade will be resealed and reclad to reflect its original state, significantly improving its aesthetics and weather resistance.
  • Base Building Lift Lobby and Bathroom upgrades to over two thirds of the building.


The engagement within and appreciation for the building is proven by 120 Collins Street’s lease activity, with almost 50% of leases over the last three years being renewals or expansions.

Investa insist it is the combination of commitment to both the community and physical offering, which has ensured 120 Collins Street is a highly sought-after Premium business destination.

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