Adelaide’s office market continues to grow


Colliers International to move to EY building on King William Street

Office space within Adelaide has seen a rise in demand during 2017 with almost 40,000sqm more office space enquired for April YTD 2017 compared to April YTD 2016.

The number of businesses moving offices within the Adelaide market is also up on prior year; the number of transactions have doubled and the area is up 17,000sqm.

Colliers International’s Adelaide office has also contributed to this demand having relocated their premises, a timely move to accommodate expected growth and activity over the next five and ten years. 

The global property services company started trading from the Ernst & Young building on the corner of King William Street and Waymouth Street on 15 May, after 17 years at 99 Gawler Place.

The ninth-floor tenancy features a bespoke design and construction to provide the platform for growth.  As is the trend with many organisations today, the net lettable area occupied is a reduction in square metre terms whilst accommodating a great number or people and as well as increasing client meeting spaces and front of house amenities.

The new Adelaide office has an activity-focused design, based on staff collaboration. The Adelaide’s office relocation is all about creating a platform to optimise growth aspirations for the business.  The EY building is best suited to play a role in this growth strategy.

With Colliers International being the tenant in the Adelaide office market, it has provided a valuable opportunity to ‘walk the talk’. With CBD vacancies sitting above the long-term average of 12 per cent and leasing incentives being where they are, the business case is compelling for occupiers to trade up their accommodation to assist meeting the strategic objectives that premises can deliver. The objectives of the move include:  Attract and retain the best people for the Colliers business, Facilitate a collaborative and team based environment, Create an engaging client environment, Enhance productivity and Create an efficient and sustainable workplace.

 For more information on leasing office space in Adelaide, please contact James Young on 0411 130 775 or his executive assistant Fiona Booker on 0423 191 253.